It has been quite a week in Texas, both Dallas and Houston had some major storms blow through. Surrounding communities as well, have dealt with flooding, wind damage, power outages and even complete devastation. It highlights our attachment to our routine lifestyles, to our belongings, to the very roofs over our heads! Of course it is human to feel a sense of loss, and perhaps paradoxically, we also find our hearts expanding as we render help to those in greater need.
As yogis, we are working toward finding our happiness within ourselves regardless of outer circumstances. We start by cultivating the consciousness that life is God’s “cosmic picture show”, as Yogananda called it.

“The consciousness of man is made of God and is pain-proof, All physical and mental sufferings come by identification, imagination and wrong human habits of thinking. We have to travel along the labyrinthine path of life, visiting many motion picture houses of varied experiences, entering them with the consciousness of being entertained and instructed.”

Wonderful, insightful words of wisdom that can only be truly comprehended, made real, through the consciousness-changing experience born of meditation.
We cannot cultivate non attachment genuinely without meditation and much practice. The reward though, is finding our own inner happiness, unaffected by outer circumstances, a gift we can share with others.
At Ananda Texas, we offer opportunities that will give you the tools to help lift your consciousness into your own inner knowing of that reality. We hope you will join us soon.

In calmness and gratitude for whatever unfolds,

Ananda in Texas