Yoga, both physical and mental (meditation), is not a religion. Yoga is a practical science that awakens intuitive intelligence and creativity. This latent intelligence, when awakened, benefits all aspects of our life from our mental attitude, to health and vitality, and creativity.

These attributes in turn infuse daily life — our relationships, sports, arts, parenting, education, and career — with the vitality that leads to success and true happiness. Cooking, dieting, starting a new business or career, and overcoming illness are activities that are demonstrably benefited by the power of yoga. The fundamental purpose of yoga is to help people find an ever expanding horizon of happiness, and, to learn how to cope and then transcend what we normally define as suffering.

No part of our lives is too small or insignificant to apply the universal principles of yoga to achieve success and fulfillment. The “proof of the pudding” is the transformed lives of its practitioners. The classes below are just a sampling of the subjects we offer. Some are offered regularly, others occasionally.

Ananda Yoga (Hatha Yoga)

Raja Yoga