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This workshop will be based on Darshan’s newly released book “Awakening the Natural Love of the Heart”

Swami Sri Yukteswar, the great yoga master and guru of Paramhansa Yogananda, lived in India from 1855 until 1936. In his book The Holy Science, he speaks about the natural love of the heart, and how it can be awakened. In the depths of every heart, he tells us, lies a heavenly gift of nature: love as a winning force.
In this workshop we will put into practice Sri Yukteswar’s methods to rediscover this ever present, but well hidden state within our own Self. This process involves the removal of particular inner tensions, which he calls “the meannesses of the heart”. With engaging candor, Darshan will explore with us the joy that blossoms as these “mean” traits in the heart are detected and overcome.

Among the topics covered:

  • Transcending duality: love and hate
  • In God there is no shame
  • Conquering fear
  • Spiritual methods for grieving and much more

Whatever position you hold in society, wherever you are in your own soul search, this workshop will help shift your consciousness, helping you to rise above depression, conquer oppressive tendencies, and reclaim the bliss of your own higher self.

Because we are near capacity in person AND because we know we have some folks that simply cannot travel at this time, we have decided to offer a LIVE STREAM of the workshop. (Cost is the same.) It will not be interactive but you will be able to be a part of this special day via the live stream and have access to the recording later. Just register through the button below and we will send you the link in your confirmation email.

Investment $50 if registered by May 1, $60 after May 1.

DARSHAN LOTICHIUS Dutch by birth, met Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, at the age of 24, after a period of anxious soul searching. Kriyananda initiated Darshan into the path of discipleship and Self-realization, and in 2000, named him minister of the Ananda Sangha in Europe. Darshan holds degrees in music and literature, is the father of two children, and lives in the spiritual community of Ananda Assisi, in Italy. He regularly travels throughout Europe and the US, sharing the teachings of Kriya Yoga through seminars
and music.