Ananda in Texas has taken on a virtual reality during the pandemic. Both our Dallas Center and Austin Meditation group are currently meeting primarily online. We invite you to check out our many ONLINE offerings while we gradually transition back into IN-PERSON gatherings.

Welcome to Anandain Texas

Are you seeking inner peace? Wanting to find purpose and meaning in life? Perhaps are seeking a deeper understanding of spirituality? For nearly 30 years, Ananda in Texas has offered support and friendship for your spiritual journey.


Sunday Service

Nayaswami Shivani Joins Us from Ananda Assisi, Italy!

Nayaswami Shivani is an Ananda Lightbearer minister, Kriyacharya, and founding member of Ananda Worldwide. She has been a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda for over 50 years.  She is co-founder of the Yogananda Academy of Europe and founder of the Schools of Raja Yoga and Life Therapy. Residing in Ananda Assisi, Italy, she is one of Ananda’s premier teachers travelling extensively giving seminars and lectures.
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Deepening Your Spiritual Life
A Retreat Day with Nayaswami Pranaba
Springhill Retreat Center
Saturday, June 4, 9:30am- 8:30pm

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and Events

Treasures Along the Path

11:30am-12:30pm Online

The wisdom in Swami Kriyananda's recorded talks is the springboard for lively discussion about the spiritual path.

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Friday Night "Happy Hour" Kirtan!

1st and 3rd Fridays

An evening of heart opening chanting with musicians from around the states.

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Meditation Workshops

Sat June 18

Pre-registration Required

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The Holy Science Discussion Group

2nd and 4th Saturdays
11:30am-12:30pm CST

An interactive discussion of this seminal work by Swami Sri Yukteswar on the essential unity of all religions.

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Based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the great spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, Ananda is a global spiritual movement dedicated to the belief, born of experience, that everyone can rediscover their joy within and realize God in their daily lives as a tangible, loving reality.

Meditation and the Path of Kriya Yoga


Meditation and Kriya Yoga is the heart of our practice at Ananda.

Now is as good a time as ever to begin your inner journey to Self-realization through meditation. Meditation is a simple yet powerful practice which can be done anytime and anywhere to center and calm oneself and potentially change every aspect of one’s life for the better.

Learn the secrets of meditation and discover your Highest Self within.

We are eager to share these tools to enhance your life and to help build a better world.
Personal meditation instruction is available online or in-person.
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Ananda in Texas is a meditation and yoga community  dedicated to practicing and sharing the precepts of Self-realization introduced to the west by Paramhansa Yogananda and shared through his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda.  We offer effective techniques such as meditation, raja yoga, the Path of Kriya, as well as spiritual community.

Ananda Yoga

Bring your yoga practice back to its original spiritual essence. as well as reap the extraordinary benefits of stress relief. Guided yoga postures with affirmations, breath-work, and short meditations help to release tension that gets trapped in the physical and energy body.

No prior experience is needed, and all levels are welcome.

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We welcome all sincere seekers, regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability. We are committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming environment for everyone to pursue the search for God. Come explore and experience with us, the joy of your own being.
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