In just another week, Ananda Texas will be holding yet another very special weekend when international teacher Darshan Lotichius joins us to explore all things of the heart. Coming from Assisi, Italy, the homeland of the heart, Darshan has studied the teachings of Sri Yukteswar of our yoga lineage. He will share an applicable knowledge of how we can extricate those aspects of our heart’s feelings that keep us from tuning into the heart’s natural intelligence and our ability to effectively and impersonally share the power of love with the world. Or in a more mundane way, simply decrease our suffering and that of those around us
The approach based on Sri Yukteswar’s writings on the subject, is one of introspection and meditation. It applies a type of spiritual psychology and highlights the importance of where we place our focus. By having a clearer understanding of the impediments we can then use the tools of yoga to free ourselves from the bondage of our egos and our subconscious tendencies. We can experience and authentically share “the virtue of love.”
The great religions all speak to the power of love as the healer of all things. Our human understanding of love cannot fathom what that means and yet to truly embody Divine Love is to be able to channel it also to others. This ultimate freedom of the heart is known also as Self Realization. For when the heart is truly free from it bondage its unleashed power propels us into a whole different reality; we open “the door of the internal sphere”, as Sri Yukteswar puts it in the Holy Science. He continues, “When this love is developed in man it makes him able to understand the real position of his own Self as well as the others surrounding him.”
We hope you will join us in this exploration. Surely the most urgent endeavor in a world so in need of the true power of love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Together in the heart,
Ananda in Texas