Meditation is one of the most natural and rewarding of all human activities. It gives direct, intuitive experience of higher realities, and is the cornerstone of true spirituality.

Each of us has a calm joyful center, deep within. It may get lost in the hectic pace of life, but it is there — waiting patiently for us. Meditation can help us rediscover that joy—and a rich, inner life.

When we bring body, breath, mind and heart into stillness…the peaceful state of meditation begins and the blissful experience of one’s true nature can unfold.

Our trained teachers have many years of meditation experience and will help you get started or help you refresh your meditation practice. 

Learn techniques of relaxation, energy control, concentration, and affirmation. Classes include how to prepare for meditation as well as techniques of meditation. They are followed up with personal meditation coaching and support. Need a personalized session? Contact [email protected]

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Meditation Solutions: Free Intro to Meditation

4th Sundays
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Explore tools that will help you connect to your inner well-being, reduce stress and navigate life’s challenges with greater ease.
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